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The Smart City Strategic Growth Map – ESPRESSO Tools

Is your City Ready for Smart? Find out in out new version of the ESPRESSO Strategic Growth Map.



Who is the Strategic Growth Map for?

The Strategic Growth Map is for decision-makers at city level. It’s also a programme-building tool, helping you to establish clarity and direction for your organisations as you make the critical initial decisions on your Smart City Journey.

6th ESPRESSO-Webinar on 10th of November at 10.00 CET

Smart City developments in the City of Tartu

Rene Tonnisson

The webinar will introduce the main Smart City developments in currently under implementation in City of Tartu including activities related to retrofitting, energy efficiency, electric mobility, citizen engagement and ICT applications.

Morgenstadt Werkstatt in Stuttgart

img_0052 img_0043 img_0049

Some impressions from the ESPRESSO-presentation at Morgenstadt Werkstatt in Stuttgart. There were some interesting discussions and the people were as well interested in joining SmaCStak Community.
Click here to download the presentation:  Morgenstadt_Werkstatt [in German]

Here you can find Voice-Recording of the presentation: Morgenstadt-Werkstatt (Voice Recording) [Presenter: Martin Fabisch]

5th ESPRESSO-Webinar on 14th of October at 10.30 CET

Funding and Procurement approaches applied to Smart Cities

Giovanna Galasso & David Brunelleschi

Existing as well as emerging economic, financial and procurement models can be applied in various sectorial services of actual and future Smart City (SC) scenarios. This deliverable presents the most relevant and novel funding and procurement approaches applied to the SC domain. A special focus is also dedicated to the most appropriate operating models that can guarantee financial sustainability over time of SC projects. Relevant use cases of SC solutions have been collected in order to emphasise different successful approaches depending on the specific city needs as well as funding, financial and procurement models adopted.


Check out the EVENT for attending details.


ESPRESSO-Atlas release

The first version of the ESPRESSO-Atlas is now available. The complete integration into the espresso website is done in the next few days. Find out more here.

Second successful ESPRESSO – Webinar

After the first successful webinar about the aims of ESPRESSO, the second webinar was focussing on indicators to describe a Smart City. Find out more here

ESPRESSO at REAL CORP in Hamburg & ICCSA in Beijing

ESPRESSO-Project has been presented to the scientific world including relevant stakeholders in the field of Smart Cities from cities adminstrations and public authorities during REAL CORP Conference in Hamburg in June and ICCSA – Cities, Technology and Place in July in Beijing. During CORP conference, there was also a joint workshop and plenary discussion with EU-project Smarticipate (
There have been many fruitful discussions, please find some interesting pictures below and the recording of the plenary discussion here

ESPRESSO at Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin

Some impressions from the ESPRESSO-presentation at Metropolitan Solution in Berlin during the ISOCARP-Session. The feedback was very productive and the people were as well interested in joining SmaCStak.

Second ESPRESSO-Workshop in Rotterdam at 24th of May

ESPRESSO is hosting its second project workshop in our partner city of Rotterdam. The workshop will be based on two aspects, divided in two sections: the morning section starting at 9.30am will focus on the general introduction of the project and in the collection of general requirements on smart cities whereas the afternoon section will focus mostly on the collection of requirements for the Rotterdam city and how to shape the pilot activities. Workshop end is scheduled for 5.00pm.
If you plan to attend the workshop, we kindly ask you to please fill in the Google forms at the following address:
More information regarding the workshop will follow soon.
We look forward to meeting you all in Rotterdam!


Impressions from the first workshop in Bucharest

The first ESPRESSO-Workshop took place at the 19th of April in Bucharest. Aim of this workshop was to start an open dialogue with city authorities, policy makers, industry and NGOs on what challenges they face with respect of making cities more liveable, sustainable, efficient with the focus for future development of Smart Cities and potential roadmaps for integration. Interesting questions regarding the integration of Smart City solutions and the improvement of solutions offered to citizens were discussed as well as the question how can we make sure we speak the same language across Europe.

Some impressions of the workshop:

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