The perspective and potential of standardizing operational processes in the administration across EU, with a focus on Life Events

April, 7th – 11:00 AM CET

Daniel Homorodean 

As citizens of an integrated Europe, we can work, relocate, conduct business in any member state and we expect that our relationship with the administration should be predictible and consistent anywhere. Yet, we are not there. From one state to another and even from one city to another our interaction with the administration is different, following particular action flows, documents and timelines.

The need for standardization is highly emphasized at EU level and consistent activity is taking place in various domains of the administration, like procurement, invoicing, e-signatures, reuse of public data, data proctection and privacy. Some countries pioneer their own standards in other domains, preceeding a larger European approach. But what is the perspective for standardizing the Life Events at EU level ? In this webinar, we will explore it together.