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Smart City Strategic Growth Map (Full Document)

Section 1 – Smart City Strategic Growth Map tool & assessment result

Section 2 – The three elements of a Smart City strategy

Section 3 – Asset management

Section 4 – Operating Model and Service Delivery

Section 5 – Organisations that develop standards

Section 6 – Innovation Ecosystem

Section 7 – Measuring Progress

Section 8 – Making your city smart – A summary

Section 9 – Recommendations

Section 10 – Appendix


Ready for Smart?

Glossy Brocure - Smart City Strategic Growth Map

Click to download a PDF of the first section of the  strategic growth map.
  • Where is the future of your city heading?
  • Are you duplicating effort and wasting resources?
  • Do you know the value standards can bring?

Aimed at decision makers, the Smart City Strategic Growth Map examines the cross-city capabilities that enable a city to become smarter, and explores how standards benefit the city development process.